Merry Christmas

It is the night before Christmas and Bill and I are looking through the window, listening to the Nutcracker recording from before I was born. We are deciding which movie to watch after the day of cooking, fine food and extensive alcoholization. After Bill made me watch ’64 Tokyo Olympics on a laser disc), and we finished the roasted chestnuts and Tasmanian whiskey combo*, we figured it is just about the time to watch a movie.

We glossed over the traditional Christmas movies and went for a curveball within the recommended movies section – a Finish/Estonian movie, the Fencer.

I can’t remember the last time I have watched a (relatively) new positive and heartwarming movie. There is no shouting, no gunfire, no complications. It is a slow paced, no-frills movie, which might leave some teary-eyed at the end. It was everything I didn’t know I needed on this Christmas Eve.

If you are looking for a heartwarming movie for the holiday season, give the Fencer a shot – I feel it would be a great movie to watch on a lazy new year’s morning.

*not a bad combo