Tales of a rental: headrest

A recent switch to the professional world, as well as the annoyance of owning a car in the city, led me to frequent the rent-a-car agencies in the area. While most cars are generally boring and uninspiring affairs that suffice my grocery shopping needs [1], last weekend’s one was particularly bad, for detail that I never even think about in most cars – a headrest.

I never really paid attention to that small detail, but in a Ford Explorer, the headrest is not actually in line with the seat leaving your neck in a somewhat extended and leaned forward position, similar to the position in a bad desk chair while working on a computer. It made a 40-minute drive unbearably uncomfortable, to the point of having a sore neck the day after. Originally, I felt sad as Ford announced that they will cut some exceptional cars, like the Fiesta ST and Focus RS, but after having a drive in this, I have to say I’m happy to see the monstrosities such as this gone for good.

[1] The possible exception of this rule is the Mini Cooper Sport Cabrio, which was rented out to me for Christmas in New Hampshire. Besides the obvious absurdity of getting a cabrio in the middle of the winter, the tire had a slow puncture and the boot could not fit two carry-ons at a time which made it useless for the shopping as well. Having said that, it was a fun car to drive.