A new blogging venue

More eagle-eyed readers might have noticed that I have recently updated my blog’s appearance. In addition to that, the underlying CMS has changed as well (see the footer). The main reason for the change was the upcoming photography section of the site as I’ve decided to pick up photography again.

My previous setup, which was Jekyll+GitHub Pages sort-of affair, worked great and was effectively free (bkorbar.com domain is a few bucks a year), but adding photos was a pain. Adding more than one photo to the post was annoying enough, and making galleries seemed like a proverbial nightmare. WordPress makes it easy, and they gave me a kor.bar domain for free.

Swapping to WordPress has another unplanned benefit which is mobile editing. While not by any means necessary, it is nice being able to publish posts such as this one from my morning commute or while waiting for lunch.

Main deli in Montréal, QC