Turing awards 2018

The Turing awards have been announced last week, and I am delighted to find out that the prize this year went to the “godfathers of AI”. Yann LeCunn, Yoshua Bengio, and Geoff Hinton have been awarded the most prestigious award in computer science for their contributions to the development of deep learning, or more specifically, convolutional neural networks and backpropagation algorithms (amongst other things).

While I vaguely entered the realm by reading through this post in 2012, I could not imagine just what kind of splash would this area of work have on the world, but on me personally.  Computer vision became an intriguing subject much before I’ve known about deep learning or have ever taken a class about it (and like many of my random interests, Randall takes all the credit for it), but now it ended up being a (beginning) of my career. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to say that I am now, to an extent, a part of the community that initiated the discussion under the former mentioned Yann’s post. 

A big congratulations to 2018 Turing awards winners, and thank you for your contribution to computer science and deep learning. A special thanks, to Yann who is now one of my bosses in FAIR, and from whom I keep learning every day.