My name is Bruno and I am currently a visiting engineer with Facebook AI under supervision of Professor Lorenzo Torresani.

Previously, I went to school at Dartmouth, from which I graduated with high honors. There, I discovered my love for math and computer science, and especially machine-learning, artificial intelligence and everything data related.

Areas of professional interests:
– Computer vision: currently working on problems on understanding motion
– AI and machine learning: curriculum learning, feature understanding
– Data science: data visualization, data-driven decision making
– Software Engineering: take all of the above and make something cool out of it

Personal interests:
Swimming, Photography, Cooking and Fine Dining, Hiking, Cycling.

My life in bullet points

Realistically, there is no way I can describe myself in a sentence.
However I love lists, so here is the list of things you might want to know about me:

  • 1994: born in Croatia
  • 1995: swam for the first time got my first personal computer early enough that I don’t remember the year
    had an unfortunate experience of having Windows ME installed on it
  • 2007ish: the first program I wrote was in Visual Basic; first language I was formally thought was Pascal
  • 2007: won my first medal at an age-group national championship
  • 2008: won my first age-group national championship
  • 2012: learned how to dance
  • 2014: went to college in the US
  • 2014: read entire Sandman series in less than a week
  • 2014: *made this blog*
  • 2015: decided not to drink for a year; still happening
  • 2017: forgot how to dance
  • 2017: published a paper
  • 2017: raced a bicycle
  • 2018: invented thingz
  • 2018: graduated from Dartmouth with high honors


And some ongoing things you’d might like to know:

  • in the last 10 years, I’ve done on average 200 flipturns a day
  • the number of countries I want to visit at any given time is approximately 150
  • read comic strips daily;
    selected favourites are: Garfield, Pearls Before Swine, xkcd, Oglaf, Foxtrot, …
  • I receive a fun animal fact every morning at 7am