The new Microsoft

Ever since my internships there, I've been impressed with MSFT as a company; especially since Satya has taken over. But that was internal. That was how I felt whilst being there. What we're seeing now, (and have started since the release of the Surface Studio) is Microsoft playing Apple's "cool factor" game. Rather, kicking Apple's … Continue reading The new Microsoft

The Grand Tour

I’m going to miss the format, the laughs it created, the memories it forever immortalized for me, and the wistful thoughts going back. These guys are fantastic, and it’s just a shame I’ll never be able to say “thanks” to them in person. It felt like they were “in person” to me.


SIGBOVIK (ACH Special Interest Group on Harry Qatar Bovik) is an annual journal of parody machine learning papers whose 2019 proceedings came out today. Selectively, the parody is of very high quality and effort - it is worth replacing whatever you usually read on the toilet. You can find the full version here, and some … Continue reading SIGBOVIK 2019