SIGBOVIK (ACH Special Interest Group on Harry Qatar Bovik) is an annual journal of parody machine learning papers whose 2019 proceedings came out today. Selectively, the parody is of very high quality and effort - it is worth replacing whatever you usually read on the toilet. You can find the full version here, and some … Continue reading SIGBOVIK 2019

The sweetest kill

Ironically, I was listening to Sweetest Kill by Broken Social Scene, while I found today's xkcd, and subsequently read the article on the Great Boston Molases Flood Apparently, Molasses can be fermented to produce rum and ethanol, the active ingredient in other alcoholic beverages and a key component in the manufacturing of munitions. I … Continue reading The sweetest kill


Today I found out that Americans don't know what Cvarci (plural, "cvarak" singular) are. I thought it would be a shame not to share the beauty of what Wikipedia calls "pork crisps". I personally like to think of them to be a balkan version of a deep-fried butter, except tastier. I've never been a big … Continue reading Cvarci